Michigan Chronic Relief

Michigan Chronic Relief

I found myself on weedmaps.com the other day looking for a dispensary in my area to check out. I saw that Michigan Chronic Relief at 18207 W, 8 Mile in Detroit was (and still is as of 6/27/13) having a sale. Everything there was $10 a gram. I knew where my new dispensary adventure would take me that day.

I gave my info to Bryan and got welcomed back to his display of medical marijuana. He had lots of info on the delta9-THC and CBD levels found in the weed he had for sale. He also had a grow tent set up but didn’t have anything in it at the moment. I believe he had a few edibles but I was way more into the $10 for any gram sale.

I picked up 15 grams, 3 grams each of Willy Wonder, Sour Kush, Opium, OG, and a previous favorite of mine called Bleu Cheese. I’ll post photos of these wonderful strains throughout this coming weekend.

I plan to go by again tomorrow (Friday) and get another 5, maybe 10 grams. Check out their weed menu and shoot me a recommendation in the comments here, on tumblr, or by email here: email@michiganmedicalmarijuanaexperience.com.

I was smoking when I wrote this and I hope you were smoking when you read this. 🙂

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  1. Just to let you know they have cuttings but their infested with Spider mites n they don’t care I let them know n they are still selling em infested n not telling people about em

  2. Absolutely love this spot and their employees! Always polite, professional, and punctual!!!! Plus; get on the site, place your order, and pickup at the window!!!! For this disabled vet, nothing could be better!!!!!!! By the way, if you get a few complaints and hundreds of patients…….you’re doing something right!!!! Haters gonna hate but just keep on keeping on!

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