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SHAKE AND BAKE (S&B Resource Center)

I discovered Shake and Bake Michigan medical marijuana dispensary on I liked the vast selection they have on the menu. I also read the comments and believed that they were written by real customers and found them very positive. They also promised a free gift for new members.

Today was my third time going and it’s always a pleasant experience. They offer you water or juice while you wait to go back and they have something interesting on the TV in the waiting room.

Once you get back, you go to one of two rooms, and you get greeted by name and with a friendly handshake from your medical marijuana dispenser. Then you get a grand introduction to the shelves filled with an abundance of medical marijuana strains, a glass case with medibles, waxes, Rick Simpson oil, and tinctures. They have an additional glass case filled with tools for marijuana consumption.

They have a few different levels of medical marijuana and the price reflects the levels. Today I got an 1/8th of Maui Wowie (90% Sativa), 2.2 grams of Bruce Banner (100% Indica), and about a gram of Sensi Star (80% Indica). I also bought a gram of Rick Simpson oil for $75 (more information on Rick Simpson oil here: And I got a free medible brownie that is already working its magic inside of me.

They also have a monthly raffle for a free ounce. You get a free raffle ticket for every $50 spent.

The free gift for new members was a free gram. I got a gram of Woody Kush and really enjoyed its flavor.

Shake and Bake also had a special raffle just for today for 3 1/2 ounces of purps. Hopefully one of those comes my way!

I highly recommend checking out Shake and Bake if you’re a medical marijuana patient in Michigan.

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