The Open Vape Pen

Open Vape Pen

I got the Open Vape pen from Michigan Chronic Relief for $60 a few days ago. Bryan sells syringes of the oil needed for these pens for $30 for half a gram (.5g). He says that amount will last as long as an 1/8th would.

I purchased the Berry White strain of oil. Bryan showed me how to take the pen apart, inject the oil into the tank, and put it all back together. I just needed to charge the battery and I was ready to begin.

I got home and charged the battery with the USB charger. It took less than an hour for the light to turn green. I put the pen back together and took my first inhale.

Open Vape Pen

The Open Vape pen has no button to push to get it all started. All I had to do was inhale from the pen and watch the lights at the end of the pen light up. During this time, the vapor was being formed and inhaled into my lungs. The lights at the end of the pen start blinking after 8-10 seconds and the lights shut off. By then, my lungs are full of vapor and when I exhale, I create a large cloud of it. It looks a lot like smoke but it has no smell and disappears quickly.

I can compare it to the G Pen micro. When I was first using the G Pen, we didn’t know if we were using it right or really what all was supposed to happen to let us know how we were doing. Eventually we caught on but who knows if I was ever using it the ideal way.

The Open Vape pen seems to leave less room for error. I’m still experimenting to see if I should inhale almost as hard as I can or if I should inhale much more slowly. Sometimes I create a lot of vapor and I end up choking. I figure that’s not the ideal way of doing it. After a few more days of experimenting, I hope to have it down and can share with the world the best way that I’ve found to use the Open Vape pen.

Check back Monday for more updates and pictures on my experience with the Open Vape pen.

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